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How to Use Your Filler Articles: Tips & Ideas for Getting the Most Out of Your Filler Articles Back

Every month you receive newsletter filler articles for use in your newsletter. How can you be sure you are getting the most out of your articles? These tips will help you make your newsletter as interesting and useful as possible

Eeny, Meeny. . .

You generally receive more articles than will fit in a standard newsletter. The reason for this is to allow you to choose from a large selection of available fillers, so you can completely customize your newsletter. You have the flexibility to only use articles that you like and want to include in your newsletter. But how to choose?

To know which articles work best in your newsletter, consider these factors:

  1. Audience

    Who will be reading your newsletter? If your readers include families and parents, you may want to include articles designed for children. If your audience is mainly seniors, be sure to include articles on safety and health. Most of your filler articles will appeal to everyone. But if you are careful in your analysis of your readers, you may find that some filler articles seem more perfect than others.
  2. Purpose

    Everyone wants to keep more of their hard-earned money. If your newsletter is designed for tenants, all of whom are paying rent, including money-saving tips in your newsletter may have extra benefits. By encouraging your readers to work on their money saving techniques, they will find it easier to make ends meet—and get that rent paid! If you’d like your newsletter to have a lighthearted and fun feel to it, be sure to choose articles that meet that purpose. These types of articles would include humorous articles, a trivia quiz, or perhaps a recipe or holiday article. Choose those articles that you find interesting and useful. If you like certain articles or think they are beneficial, chances are your readers will too.
  3. Size & Space

    Of course, practical considerations of the size of your newsletter and the space you have available go into your decision on which articles to choose. Every article comes with a word count, giving you a good idea whether an individual selection will fit in the space you have. If you are filling a large space, you may choose to use one or two larger articles as features. Or you may want to include as many as possible, and choose many smaller articles to include in your newsletter. Articles whose size is listed as “varying” are flexible space fillers—you can use as much of these fillers as you’d like, with little to no editing necessary. Just pick the parts you’d like to include in your newsletter and leave the rest for another time.

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