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Using Graphics in Your Newsletter Back to Top
Flip-Flopping Away
You have a lot of versatility when using graphics, but take heed of this simple warning when flipping your photos or clipart from side to side.
I'm Just Your Type!
A common pitfall for new newsletter designers is to use too many fonts. Although there are many, many to choose from, a wiser design decision is to stick to just a couple or so for your publications. We'll explain why.
Pretty as a Picture: Three Things to Avoid When Using Graphics
Graphics are a great way to enliven your publications. But you must take care to use them properly so that they do not distract from your message. Keep these three simple tips in mind next time you are designing your newsletter.
You Ought to Be in Pictures: Add Fun to Your Newsletter with Photos
Photos are a type of graphic that you can provide yourself for your publications. The rise in the use of digital cameras makes this even easier. Read through these tips for using photos in your newsletter.

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