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Designing Your Newsletter

Your newsletter design should work hand-in-hand with your content to give your readers an attractive, easy to read, relevant, and useful publication. We've put together great resources to assist you with your newsletter design.

Explore the basics of newsletter design. Learn tips, design rules, and ideas to make your newsletter layout and design clean, professional-looking, and easy to accomplish.

Using Filler Articles
This is a special section for subscribers of our filler article service. If you are looking for creative uses of content in your newsletter, we also have great tips and ideas for you.

Advertising in Your Newsletter
Including ads in your newsletter is a great way to boost your bottom line and provide additional resources for your readers. Learn how to design ads, how to connect with advertisers, and the legal nuts and bolts of including third party ads in your publications.

MS Publisher
Microsoft Publisher is a great tool for beginning newsletter publishers. You'll find lots of tips, tricks, and ideas to make learning to use MS Publisher a snap.

Graphics & Fonts
Words convey your message, but graphics and fonts add life and interest to your publications. Find the best sources for clipart and fonts, and learn the rules for using graphics and fonts correctly. We also have a collection of creative ideas for using graphic elements in your newsletter.

Grammar & Style
Poor writing distracts from your message, reflects negatively on your professionalism, and prevents your readers from enjoying your newsletter fully. Solve all of your grammar and writing issues with the resources  we've collected for you.

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