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Running Your Desktop Publishing Business

Whether you are researching how to start a desktop publishing business or you've been in business for years, we have the information and tools you need to success.

Desktop Publishing Business
Learn the basics of the desktop (DTP) industry, including how to set up and run your business.

The key to any successful business is knowing how to connect with potential customers and sell your services and products. We show you how to do just that, along with giving you the opportunity to tap into proven, profitable marketing tools and resources for your business.

Legal & Tax Issues
It can seem daunting to navigate the legal issues surrounding the running of a DTP business. We unravel the complexities to help you understand copyright issues, how to protect your business and your clients, and when to seek legal advice.

Working From Home
There are challenges along with the rewards of working from home. Explore strategies for maximizing your work at home environment. Learn how to solve common problems and find new opportunities for your business.

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