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Sporting Fun for Your Newsletter Back

Subscribers to our filler article service often receive sports related articles to use in their newsletter. This can be anything from a tennis trivia quiz, to an article on avoiding sports related injuries, to funny quotes from Yogi Berra! Including sports articles is a great way to draw many of your readers into your newsletter. As we all know, sports are a big business--and all because there are so many sports fans. Take advantage of this by using sports articles to make your newsletter more interesting to your readers, increasing the chances that it gets read all the way through!

Scout Out the Field

How do you know if sports related articles are appropriate for your readers? Well, chances are they are perfect! That is because sports articles lend themselves to many different purposes. For example, it might not seem likely that the readers of a newsletter for breast cancer survivors would be the most receptive to sports articles. But including an article on recent Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, and his fight against cancer, would be a perfect article for this type of newsletter. Of course, since you first think of men when thinking sports, if your audience is heavily male (or even half male), sports articles, especially trivia type articles, would be welcomed and would boost your readability to your audience.

Hit a Home Run

The key to making this all work is to tie it into other parts of your newsletter. For example, if your company is sponsoring a charity run and is using the newsletter to encourage participation, be sure to include all the details of the run. Next to this, add a filler article that discusses ways to stretch properly. You could further expand on this theme by including a list of area stores that sell running shoes, noting that the best way to avoid injury and fatigue is by starting with the right equipment. Include a "what to bring on the day of the big run" list and you have filled up a large portion of your newsletter. And the information you've provided is interesting and useful to your readers.

If you live in a city that has sports teams with loyal followings, be sure to keep your readers informed of upcoming events. Along with a filler article on fun football trivia, for example, you could post the following month's schedule of games. Don't forget college games and other sports, too. You may find that your readers are interested in everything from baseball to hockey, to drag racing and women's soccer. Most sports teams now have Internet sites that post their schedules, ticket information, and other information. Bookmark those sites, and check them out for ideas whenever you have some space to fill up. Many teams have special events like kids' clubs, family nights, or giveaway nights. Letting your readers know about these events is a smart way to boost the value of your newsletter. If your readers come to depend on your newsletter for a heads-up on this type of information, you are sure to stimulate interest in your newsletter!

Let us know how you use sports in your newsletter! Drop us an email and if your idea is really great, we will include it with this article!


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