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Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts Back

There is nothing that will increase the speed with which you can complete your projects like the simple use of keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are a way to use your keyboard to execute commands that are usually found in pull down or other menus. MS Publisher, like all other software programs, has its own set of keyboard shortcuts.

Command Shortcut
Create a new publication CTRL+N
Open an existing publication CTRL+O (letter O)
Show the Office Assistant (Help) F1
Save changes to a publication CTRL+S
Print CTRL+P
Move between the menu bar and the publication ALT
Highlight all text in a text box or table cell CTRL+A
Highlight one character to the left SHIFT+LEFT ARROW
Highlight one character to the right SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW
Highlight to the end of a word CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW
Highlight to the start of a word CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW
Highlight to the end of a line SHIFT+END
Highlight to the start of a line SHIFT+HOME
Highlight to the end of a paragraph CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW
Highlight to the start of a paragraph CTRL+SHIFT+UP ARROW
Cancel selection of a text frame or table ESC
Find and replace CTRL+H
Check spelling  F7
Make text bold CTRL+B
Italicize text CTRL+I
Underline text CTRL+U
Make text small capitals CTRL+SHIFT+K
Change text style CTRL+SHIFT+S
Change text font CTRL+SHIFT+F
Change text size CTRL+SHIFT+P
Copy formatting CTRL+SHIFT+C
Past formatting CTRL+SHIFT+V
Return character formatting to the current text style CTRL+SPACEBAR
Increase kerning (space between letters in a word) CTRL+SHIFT+]
Decrease kerning (space between letter in a word) CTRL+SHIFT+[
Increase font size by 1.0 point CTRL+]
Decrease font size by 1.0 point CTRL+[
Center a paragraph CTRL+E
Justify text CTRL+J
Align left CTRL+L
Align right CTRL+R
Single-space lines CTRL+1
Double-space lines CTRL+2
Space lines 1.5 lines CTRL+5
Remove line spacing before a paragraph CTRL+0 (zero)
Soft return SHIFT+ENTER
Delete a selected text frame or table containing text CTRL+SHIFT+X
Delete the previous word CTRL+BACKSPACE
Delete the next word CTRL+DELETE
Copy selected text or objects CTRL+C
Paste text or objects CTRL+P
Cut selected text or objects CTRL+X
Add a non-breaking space CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR
Add an optional hyphen CTRL+-
Add a non-breaking hyphen CTRL+SHIFT+-
Add or remove hyphens automatically CTRL+SHIFT+H
Insert a frame break CTRL+ENTER
Insert a tab in a table cell CTRL+TAB
Add a shadow CTRL+D
Make transparent or opaque CTRL+T
Group or ungroup objects CTRL+SHIFT+G
Bring to front  F6
Send to back SHIFT+F6
Nudge to the left ALT+LEFT ARROW
Nudge to the right ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Rotate object 5 degrees clockwise CTRL+ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Rotate object 5 degrees counterclockwise CTRL+ALT+LEFT ARROW
Add a page after the current page CTRL+SHIFT+N
Move between the current page view and actual size view F9
Move between the background and the foreground page CTRL+M
Go to page ____ F5
Highlight the next page in the page navigation control SHIFT+F5
Hide or show special characters CTRL+SHIFT+Y
Turn Snap To Guides feature on and off CTRL+W
Show or hide boundaries and guides CTRL+SHIFT+O (letter O)
Undo (up to 20 actions) CTRL+Z
Redo the previous action CTRL+Y
Resize an object, keeping its center Hold down CTRL and drag a Resize handle
Rotate an object freely Hold down ALT and drag a Resize handle
Rotate an object in 15-degree increments Hold down CTRL+ALT and drag a Resize handle


You will find that some of these keyboard shortcuts are great for the kind of work you do, and others are not so useful. You may want to try adding the use of just one at a time to see if it works better for you. One thing to keep in mind as you begin to use these shortcuts is that it takes time to get the hang of it. You may even find that you are slowed down in the beginning. But with some persistent practice, you'll eventually wonder how you ever got along without them at all.

Share Your Shortcuts!

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