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Today’s desktop publishing and word processing programs are wonderful tools to use to put your newsletter together. Among some of the more useful features is the ability to choose from many different types of fonts, also called typefaces. It can be difficult to know which to choose and how to properly use each typeface. Use these guidelines to ensure that your newsletter has a professional and polished look.

Don’t Go Overboard!

The most common mistake new newsletter producers make is using too many typefaces. It can be easy to do this when you have so many fonts to choose from. However, in order for your newsletter to retain a professional look, you will need to limit yourself to just a few typefaces in your document. Your goal should be to use as few typefaces as possible. The function of typefaces in a newsletter is to guide your reader to the important points, to establish a hierarchy of information, and to allow your reader to focus on your message. Using too many typefaces clutters up your pages, makes your newsletter hard to read, and will make your newsletter look amateurish.

Choose Wisely!

It is a good idea to stay consistent in all parts of your newsletter. Choose one font to use for all of your main headlines, for example. Use only one font for all of the body text in your newsletter. Try to limit the total number of fonts used in your newsletter to four or less. Your goal should be to have contrast between the main headlines, subheadings, and regular text in your newsletter. Your readers will find your newsletter well organized and easy to read.


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