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Using a Tagline Back

Choosing a name for your newsletter is a crucial part of the initial planning and production of your newsletter. It will become a key identifying feature of your newsletter, with your readers connecting the name of your newsletter to your message. It is part of your banner or nameplate on the front page of your publication. You can further enhance the communication of your message by adding a tagline to the nameplate.

A tagline is simply a slogan or statement that can function as a kind of message statement for your readers. It explains what the focus of your publication is and identifies your audience. This is particularly important if the name of your newsletter is not specific enough or might be confusing to someone who is not familiar with your organization or company.

Examples of newsletter names and their taglines:

The Town Square
Taking a look at community events, people, and ideas

Property Manager's Communication Journal
Get results with by building good relationships

The Stage Door
The Newsletter for the Springwater Association of Creative Dance

Green News
Information and news for the environmental activist community


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