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Snap Away: Ideas for Using Photos in Your Newsletter Back

Are you interested in including photographs in your newsletter? Whether you find that you have a photographer for a resident, or simply have a drawer full of photos you’ve been wanting to share, here are some great ideas for all those pictures of your community.

Staff Profiles

Do your staff members love to say, “Cheese!”? Include their photos and a short profile with some fun facts about their backgrounds and interests. This is a great way to introduce a new staff member to your community.

Community Fun

Do you have some photos from last year’s pool party? Did someone get “snap-happy” at your holiday event? A picture of last year’s Christmas party can liven up a holiday issue. A photo of children outside playing is great for a summer issue. Remember, prospective residents often read your newsletter to decide if they feel comfortable in your community’s environment. Pictures of residents chatting off a balcony or visiting the office can be worth a thousand words!

Updates of Community Projects

An article on the completion of your office’s renovations can include a picture of your new surroundings. Along with an appeal to keep the grounds free from trash, you can include a photo of your summer floral landscaping. Show off new windows and doors with a snapshot of a resident’s front entrance. This provides a great way for your residents to connect with their neighborhood.

Residents’ Highlights

An article or recipe submitted to your newsletter by a resident can include a small picture of that resident. You can also let your residents spread some of their own good news. A picture of a new baby or a wedding photo always captures the interest of the neighbors. Celebrate residents’ birthdays with photos of the “Birthday Boy or Girl.” Or congratulate the winner of your “Early Bird Rent Contest” with his or her picture in your newsletter.

If you have any creative ways you’ve used photos in your newsletter, share them with us and we will include them in a future column. As always, if you ever need assistance producing your newsletter, let us know and we will do our best to assist you.


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