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Apartment Owners, Managers & Landlords
A Crafty Idea: Use Your Newsletter to Get Your Residents Together
Start a new tradition in your community with a monthly craft night. We share some ideas for making this community event a success.
Apartment Manager Uses Newsletter To Make Residents Feel at Home
This is a case study of an apartment manager's use of the property's newsletter to welcome and inform residents that were new to the area. This is a creative use of a resident newsletter. There is also a mention of how to best use filler articles for this purpose.
April Showers: Beautiful Balcony Contest for Your Residents
A balcony contest can be a great incentive for your apartment residents to spruce up the place. Let us how you how to effectively use your newsletter to promote your contest and how to make it easy for your tenants to participate.
Cleaning Up: A Community-Wide Garage Sale
Use your newsletter to help promote a community-wide garage sale. You'll not only help your residents clear out the clutter, you can also promote your property to prospective residents.
Fun in the Sun: Ideas for a Summer Newsletter
Here are some effective uses of your newsletter during the summer months. Keep your residents happy and safe during this time of year.
Home Sweet Home: "Homework" Ideas for Your Newsletter
Share with your residents tips to help them keep their homes clean and safe. You will be adding value to your newsletter and will be encouraging your tenants to help ensure that your property is well maintained.
Snap Away: Ideas for Using Photos in Your Newsletter
Here are some creative uses for photos of your residents and community in your newsletter.
Talking to the Kids
If your readers include families or children, be sure to take advantage of the filler articles we provide that are perfect for kids. Here are some tips to make the most of these types of articles.
Uses for Those Extra Newsletters: A Creative Way to Get New Residents
This is a creative idea for using your newsletter from one of our current subscribers to our newsletter filler article service, intended to get prospects to turn into residents.
Using Your Newsletter To Get New Residents
We give some great ideas for using extra copies of your newsletter to attract prospective tenants to your property.

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