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Home Sweet Home: "Homework" Ideas for Your Newsletter Back

Your residents’ apartment or rental house is their home. It is always helpful to encourage your residents to keep their homes clean and safe. A filler article on cleaning products to use in the home is a great way to remind them to spend extra time keeping their homes tidy. Consider including a filler article on securing their home and making it safe. Your residents will appreciate these reminders to take the steps needed to keep their own property (and yours) safe.

It is always important to remind your residents of their need for adequate Renters’ Insurance. This may even be a provision in the lease agreement they have signed. However, some residents don’t obtain Renters’ Insurance, and some let it lapse. It is a good idea to remind them again of the need for this protection. Include our filler article on Renters’ Insurance in your newsletter. To make this article even more useful, include a listing of insurance agents and their phone numbers in your area.


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