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April Showers: Beautiful Balcony Contest for Your Residents Back

Springtime is the perfect time to encourage your readers to dust off their green thumbs. After all, beautiful flowers and plants are an easy was to make anyone's home more attractive. In most parts of the country, planting can start in April. Gardeners in colder regions may need to wait until May, or until the last hard frost of the season.

Offering prizes for the winners of a “Beautiful Balcony” contest may help get any reluctant gardeners off to an early start. Have your readers submit photographs or go visit their properties if your newsletter services a small community. But even without that incentive, an article in your newsletter focusing on gardening can be useful to those who may never have tried gardening before.

Consider including in your newsletter a listing of plants that fare well in your area, locations of local nurseries close to your property, and the phone number of your local County Extension Agency. You may find that April showers are bringing bunches of May flowers.


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