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Fun in the Sun: Ideas for a Summer Newsletter Back

In summer, warmer weather, longer days, and more sunshine mean your residents will be spending more of their free time outdoors. This is the perfect time to remind your residents to be aware of outdoor safety issues. If you have a pool on your property, consider placing a listing of pool rules and regulations in your newsletter. Include opening and closing times and any special rules you have concerning guest access. It is always a good idea to stress any rules you have concerning children’s safety and their use of your pool.

As the weather heats up, everyone begins looking for a way to cool down. You may find your residents leaving their windows open to take advantage of any cooler breezes. Often your residents may not realize that their televisions or radios can be heard outside of their home. A simple reminder in your newsletter can help everyone around them enjoy their outdoor time.

With school out, it is also a good idea to remind your residents of the need to be careful when driving through parking lots and on nearby streets. Encourage them to slow down and keep their eyes open for children playing on the property.

Finally, if you’ve never tried it before, consider a community barbeque or outdoor potluck dinner. There is no better way for everyone to get to know their neighbors!


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