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Timing is Everything: How to Decide When to Get Your Newsletter Out Back

Everyone wants to get the most out of his or her newsletter. Many factors go into this. One is the “when” of your newsletter production—how often your newsletter should go out. To get the greatest benefit from your newsletter, it has to meet the needs of both you and your readers. Producing your newsletter needs to fit into your schedule and should allow you to get all of your important information to your readers in a timely manner. And your readers need a schedule they can depend on.

You may find that a bi-monthly or quarterly newsletter is simply not enough. Consider these benefits of a newsletter that goes out on a monthly schedule.

  • You can end the problem of using supplemental flyers for those holiday parties, special notices, or changes in information. Your newsletter can be the exclusive vehicle to communicate with your readers.
  • You can offer your readers the opportunity to include information in your newsletter that is time sensitive. Consider including a classified ad section, or allowing readers to announce the special events in their lives—weddings, new babies, or making the honor roll.
  • You can ensure that you have a better opportunity to include all of your information in your newsletter. Waiting until the month after next, or the next quarter, can leave you struggling to fit everything in.

Could you be sending out a newsletter too often? If you have been sending out a monthly newsletter just because you always have, make sure it is still filling your needs. If the work of getting your newsletter out is becoming too much, consider these options:

  • Send out a bi-monthly or quarterly newsletter. You can always supplement with a one-page flyer if you need to send out additional information between newsletters.
  • Fill your newsletter with quality filler articles that are useful to your readers in those months that you have less of your own information to include.
  • Consider using a full service newsletter production service. You will not have to struggle any longer to complete your newsletter production work on time.

Is Your Newsletter Going Out Often Enough?

1. Do you find yourself frequently sending out flyers to announce special events, notices, or copies of rules and regulations?

2. Are you running out of space most times you put together the content for your newsletter?

3. Do you get many requests to include classified ads, readers’ announcements, or advertising in your newsletter?

If your answers to these questions is “Yes,” you may need to consider putting out your newsletter more frequently.

Is It Difficult to Get Your Newsletter Out on Your Current Production Schedule?

1. Are your readers frequently asking, “When’s the next newsletter coming out?” because you haven’t been able to get to it this month?

2. Are you struggling every month to come up with content for your newsletter?

3. Is putting your newsletter together taking away too much time from your other duties?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes,” perhaps you should consider switching to a bi-monthly or quarterly newsletter.


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