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How to Proofread Your Own Newsletter Back
  1. Allow yourself enough time to do the job properly. Rushing through a proofreading project will only mean more errors.
  2. Take a break between writing and proofreading your newsletter content, preferably a day or so. This will give you a chance to look at your content with a fresh eye.
  3. Try not to proofread under fluorescent lighting. The flicker rate is actually slower than standard lighting, making it harder to focus.
  4. Minimize distractions and interruptions when you are proofreading.
  5. Proof from a printed copy, not off of your computer screen. It will be easier to catch mistakes.
  6. Read through the entire document one time first before looking for specific errors. This will give you a sense of whether the general meaning is clear and the structure is organized.
  7. Read aloud. It is even better if someone can listen to you read to catch any missed meanings. This is a good way to check for missing or doubled words.
  8. Check for punctuation and spelling errors. Make sure spelling is consistent across the whole newsletter. If you are using a style guide, be sure to check against that as well.
  9. Read some parts backwards, especially headlines, subheads, pull quotes, and other text areas. You will be able to focus on the words instead of trying to read for comprehension. When checking for spelling errors, reading each line backwards is more effective than reading forwards.
  10. Do not rely on word processor spell-checkers—they will not necessarily catch all errors in your writing.
  11. If you find yourself proofreading too quickly, try using a ruler or sheet of paper under each line as you read. It breaks the text up into a smaller group, helping you to slow down.
  12. Double check names and phone numbers.
  13. Look for inconsistencies (font use, spacing between headlines and body text, abbreviations, use of italics, bold, small caps, etc.).
  14. Double check graphics to make sure the correct one is used, that is oriented correctly, and that the caption is correct.
  15. Check for rivers of white space and correct them.
  16. Once you've gone through your newsletter content, get someone else to read it over. They may be able to spot errors you've missed.
  17. Another good technique is to use two people to proofread simultaneously. Have a copy yourself and give another copy to someone else. Take turns reading it aloud to each other, trying to catch errors and awkward-sounding phrases.
  18. Finally, once you've made all of your corrections, read it over once again to check for any lingering errors.

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