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As a business owner, you know how important it is to have good communication with your customers and employees. One of the easiest, most effective, and well-received means of doing this is by publishing a newsletter. It can, however, be a challenge to come up with content that is relevant, interesting, and motivating. Here are some ideas to help make your newsletter a great publication.
Newsletters for Customers
If you are publishing a newsletter for your potential and current customers, the main thing you are trying to accomplish is to get them to take action--to purchase a product, sign up for a service, make a phone call, or visit a website. It is crucial, therefore, to produce a newsletter that first will get them to read. Information that doesn't make sense to them, seems irrelevant to their situation, or is dull and too technical will cause them to put down your newsletter before you've even had a chance to present yourself. Consider these types of articles to keep them reading: 
  • Product reviews
  • Introduction of a new product or service
  • Industry related news that pertains to your market
  • Information about interesting websites in your industry
  • Tips for using your products or services that make their lives or jobs easier
  • Discounts they are eligible for
Newsletters for Employees
A newsletter for your employees should be produced with the intention of motivating your work staff, educating them, and providing them with incentives. A boring, impersonal newsletter will turn them off from reading the whole publication. A newsletter with a personal feel, however, can be looked forward to and is useful and interesting to your employees. These types of articles will seem relevant to your workforce: 
  • Announcements of employees' achievements
  • Discussion of changes in the company
  • Product or services upgrades
  • Employee wellness issues
  • Notices of upcoming events
  • Workplace safety issues
  • Explanation of employee benefits
  • Details of incentive plans
For both of these types of newsletters, you can always benefit from high quality, interesting filler articles, such as those offered by These fillers provide human interest stories, health and safety tips, humor, puzzles, and much more that add diversity, spice, and interest to your newsletter.

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