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Our Filler Article Subscription Service
  • Cut your newsletter production time by hours each month.

  • Make your newsletter more interesting and useful for your readers.

  • All for only about $5.00 a month.

We know how hard it can be to come up with great content for your newsletter each and every month. You pack in the reminders of events, the announcements of contest winners, the thank yous, and the safety notices, and there's still room! You have better things to do than to sit and write article after article just to fill up your newsletter. That's where comes in. We provide you with quality articles that will increase the value of your publication to your readers. offers a simple way to make producing each issue of your own newsletter easier and faster. We provide quality newsletter articles to anyone designing, editing, and producing a newsletter. Now you will no longer need to search for the perfect information to fill in those extra spaces.

Each month you will have access to the following standard articles:

  • Monthly Calendar, Holidays, and Events
  • This Month in History
  • Humor and Jokes
  • Riddles for Kids
  • Recipes
  • Did You Know? - a listing of trivia facts related around a monthly theme
  • By the Numbers - interesting statistics
  • Internet Tidbit - a short profile of a unique and interesting website
  • Quick Tips - small fillers, featuring a monthly tip for these topics: money, home, car, organizing, safety, healthy living, travel, green living, and food
  • Quotations
  • Trivia Quiz
  • Word Games for Kids
  • Cryptogram
  • Sudoku Puzzles - two each month, one easy and one hard, with answer keys

In addition, every month your newsletter will be complete with articles from among these categories:

  • Health and Safety
  • Home and Family
  • Kids
  • Seniors
  • Pets
  • Trivia
  • Holidays and Seasonal
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Sports
  • Humor
  • Money Savers and Personal Finance
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Technology, Social Media, and the Internet
  • And many more!

Want to see samples of the articles you'll receive? Click here.

You simply subscribe to our Filler Article Subscription Service. Each month, over 35 filler articles perfect for use in next month's newsletter will be available online in a subscriber's area of our website.

Every filler article is complete and ready for you to use. We include a great title for your article and a word count. Articles come in several sizes. You can use larger articles as a feature, or use smaller sized articles when you only have a few inches to fill. Because you never know how much space you'll have, we offer a variety of sizes of articles. Several articles will even come in more than one size, letting you customize your newsletter perfectly for your readers.

The articles are easy to copy and paste directly into your newsletter. If you ever need assistance using your articles, just let us know and we will do our best to assist you in the production of your newsletter.

There is no copyright violation when you use your filler articles. Modify them, cut them, add to them, revise them any way you see fit. Or simply use them as is--each article is complete and ready to use with or without modifications in your newsletter. You can even add your own byline, indicating that you are the author of the article.

Your articles can be used in e-newsletters, in printed newsletters, or in newsletters placed on the Internet. You may also use your articles for multiple newsletters that you create. One subscription takes care of all your content needs. If the filler articles will be needed by more than one person, each person must have their own subscription. While a subscription cannot be shared by more than one person, the articles sent in a single subscription may be used in multiple documents produced by that individual subscriber.

Still have questions? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions or email us at

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Order now, and try our no-risk trial offer. Only $59.95 for a full year of filler articles updated monthly—that's only about $5.00 a month! We will bill you directly, and we don't require payment up front. You have a full 30 days to try out our service before payment is due, making this a no-risk deal!

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Each month we provide over 30 articles to our subscribers. Want to get a taste of what you'll receive? Check out these great selections from previous months:

A New Year’s Resolution That Makes Cents
Money and savings articles are great inclusions for your newsletter. We provide a variety of articles on financial topics, giving your newsletter further value for your readers.
Are You Feeling SAD?
Health articles will always be welcomed by readers of your newsletter. Each month, you will receive one or more articles relating to health topics.
Beat that Stress - Quotations
Quotations are always a great way to fill in a small space in a newsletter. Each month you will receive a collection of quotations to add to your newsletter.
Black History Month Trivia Quiz
Every month, you will receive a trivia quiz, often relating to events or holidays of that particular month. You have the option of using the whole quiz or just a few questions. The answers are provided as well.
Bubble Blast
If you count children or parents among your readers, they will enjoy articles written just for them. Each month we include one or two special articles for children, with activities, games, or fun trivia that will keep them busy and happy.
Did You Know?: January is National Oatmeal Month
Each month we research to find a topic of the month for our "Did You Know?" feature. You will receive a short list of facts relating to that topic. Include the whole list, or just pick a few interesting tidbits to include in your newsletter. Either way, your readers will enjoy reading trivia facts in your publication.
How to Protect Your Bank Account
Financial safety and security is on everyone's minds these days. With your subscription, you'll receive articles that are relevant to currect issues and concerns of the day, with an eye towards being useful and helpful for your readers.
Small anecdotes or humorous stories will always be welcomed by your readers.
Leaving Home Safe and Sound
Safety articles are a great addition to any newsletter. This is a sample of some of the safety-type articles we send out every month.
Saving Money on Travel
Money saving articles are smart to include in your newsletter. Not only do they make your newsletter more interesting, they will help your readers keep more of their hard-earned dollars for themselves!
Ten Mom-entous Ideas for Mother’s Day
Each month you will receive articles that are perfect for the next month's newsletter. It is always fun to include holiday articles. This one celebrates Mother's Day.
The Hidden Dangers of Over-the-Counter Drugs
We often include longer articles that are perfect for those large spaces that you have to fill. Articles dealing with health and safety are always good to include and are interesting to everyone.

Order Now! Back to Top

Order now, and try our no-risk trial offer. Only $59.95 for a full year of filler articles updated monthly—that's only about $5.00 a month! We will bill you directly, and we don't require payment up front. You have a full 30 days to try out our service before payment is due, making this a no-risk deal!

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