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Ten Mom-entous Ideas for Mother’s Day Back

Mother’s Day is always celebrated the second Sunday of May. These gift ideas will make your mother feel extra special—and give you a chance to show her how much she means to you.

  • Framed artwork from the kids.
  • Lunch at her favorite restaurant.
  • A video of kids and grandkids, describing what they like best about her.
  • Buy her some lottery tickets.
  • A windowsill garden—pots, soil, and seeds to plant for a year round treat.
  • Indulge Mom with a day of pampering—a massage, manicure, the works!.
  • Wash her car, organize her files, or clean out her closets.
  • Make a donation to your mother’s favorite charity in her honor.
  • Season tickets to her favorite event.
  • Give her an evening at home alone.
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