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Did You Know?: January is National Oatmeal Month Back
  • Americans purchase more oatmeal in January than in any other month.
  • The most popular oatmeal topping is milk, followed by sugar and fruit.
  • Eighty percent of U.S. households have oatmeal in their pantries.
  • The most popular uses for oatmeal are, in order, as cereal, as cookies, in meatloaf, and in cakes or pies.
  • An 18-ounce package of oatmeal contains about 26,000 rolled oats.
  • The top five oatmeal consumption markets are New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago.
  • Oats were one of the earliest cereals cultivated by humans and were recorded in ancient China as long ago as 7,000 B.C.
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