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Saving Money on Travel Back

Summer vacations are just around the corner. These tips will help you save some money as you hit the road.

  1. Travel in the off-season or on off-peak days (not weekends).
  2. If flying, watch for deals on tickets and be ready to buy them right away.
  3. Always ask for the lowest rate available for airfare, hotels, or car rentals.
  4. Be wary of hidden charges. Room taxes, in-room movies, and long distance charges can add up.
  5. If driving, tune up your car before you go, to help avoid expensive repair bills.
  6. Stay in out of the way places.
  7. Pack your own picnic and keep a cooler in the car with beverages and snacks.
  8. Look for free attractions.
  9. Check the Visitors’ Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce for information on inexpensive attractions and to get discount coupons.



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