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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Writing a Disclaimer Back

It is hard to escape the fact that we must protect ourselves from legal liability in all aspects of our business endeavors. Even producing and distributing a newsletter to your readers can, unfortunately, subject you to liability if you supply your readers with incorrect or misleading information. But your newsletter can also provide you with some protection in terms of liability. For example, taking the time to place an article concerning local or county restrictions on gas grills near buildings can protect you in the event a reader starts a fire. You then have documentation that you notified your readers of the dangers and the legal consequences of such actions. By placing filler articles dealing with safety, such as safe electricity use or reminders to change the batteries in smoke detectors, you can keep your readers safe, help them protect their property, and limit your liability.

You might also include a disclaimer printed in small type in every newsletter you produce. Consider the following example:

The views expressed herein are not necessarily those of Your Company Name. Although every effort has been made to provide timely and accurate information, Your Company Name shall have no liability to any person or entity with respect to liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this newsletter. This publication is intended to provide generalized information only and not to render professional or legal advice.

In place of the red text, you would place your company's actual name. If you do not have a company name, you can place your own name there. Of course, you should have any disclaimer statement to be included in your newsletter reviewed by your attorney first, to ensure it meets your needs.


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