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We know how tough it can be to come up with great content for your newsletter each and every month! That's where comes in. We provide you with quality articles that will increase the value of your publication to your readers. Your newsletter will be complete with the addition of great articles from among these categories:

bulletMoney Savers
bulletAnd many more!

Below are some articles that represent the types of articles you will receive each month.  

Leaving Home Safe and Sound

Vacation season is finally here! If a trip away from home is in your plans, remember these tips to keep your home safe and secure while you are gone.

  1. Suspend regular deliveries.

  2. This includes newspapers, milk and diaper service deliveries. Ask the post office to hold your mail until you return and notify UPS if you are expecting a package.

  3. Set timers on lights and radios.

  4. Choose timers tested for safety. You can create the illusion that youíre at home by setting the timers to turn lights on and off in different areas of your home throughout the evening. If you choose to leave a radio on, please lower the volume so that it cannot be heard from outside your home.

  5. Ask neighbors to watch out.

  6. People you know and trust can often be your best defense. Inform your neighbors if you will be gone for an extended period of time.

  7. Securely lock all doors and windows.

  8. Did you know that in almost half of all completed residential burglaries, thieves simply breezed in through unlocked doors or crawled through unlocked windows? And donít forget to secure any vehicles you leave behind.

  9. Leave curtains and blinds in their normal positions.

  10. If you are concerned about leaving blinds or curtains open on the nights that you are away from home, leave them closed. It is more common to have closed blinds during the day than to have them open at night.

  11. Unplug countertop appliances, home entertainment equipment and computer equipment.

  12. To prevent a fire hazard, coffee makers, toasters, hair dryers and irons should be left unplugged. Unplug all TVs, VCRs and computers to protect against power surges in the event of a power outage.

Bubble Blast
If you count children or parents among your readers, they will enjoy articles written just for them. Each month we include one or two special articles for children, with activities, games, or fun trivia that will keep them busy and happy. 

Bubbles are an inexpensive and creative way to spend some time having fun. Make up a batch of this bubbles solution and use these tips to explore the world of bubbles.

Bubble Solution

Ĺ cup dish soap or baby shampoo
4 Ĺ cup water
2 tbsp. corn syrup or glycerin (optional)
1 drop food coloring

Combine ingredients and pour into an unbreakable bottle. Stir well but do not shake. Experiment with the solution. For stronger bubbles, add the corn syrup or glycerin, or add more dish soap. Prepare your bubble solution two or three days in advance for the best bubbles.

Blowing Bubbles


Bubble solution is messy and slippery! The best place to blow bubbles is outdoors. Near the kitchen sink or in the bathtub will work, too. Keep some towels handy and watch your step so you donít fall on slippery spills.


You can blow bubbles with lots of different items. Try plastic straws, strawberry baskets from the grocery store, spoons with holes in them, colanders, and loops of string. Anything that you can blow through will work. The plastic rings that hold a six-pack of cans together, empty milk containers, or old pieces of hose or plastic tubing will work too. You can even try just using your hands formed into a circle, if you donít mind getting messy!


Remember to blow gently. Blowing too hard will cause lots of small bubbles to form. Blow slowly to get a larger bubble. And make sure you are not holding the bubble wand too close to your mouth.


Bubbles pop on dry surfaces. Make sure anything you use to make or catch your bubbles is wet first.


Donít stir your bubble solution with the wand. This will create foam, which keeps bubbles from forming.


Avoid very sunny areas or windy days. Bubbles like cool and humid weather and form well right after sunset. Try blowing your bubbles right after a rainstorm, when the air is full of moisture. You will find that your bubbles last a long time.

Ten Mom-entous Ideas for Motherís Day
Each month you will receive articles that are perfect for that month's newsletter. It is always fun to include holiday articles. This one celebrates Mother's Day. 

Motherís Day is always celebrated the second Sunday of May. These gift ideas will make your mother feel extra specialóand give you a chance to show her how much she means to you.

  1. Framed artwork from the kids.

  2. Lunch at her favorite restaurant.

  3. A video of kids and grandkids, describing what they like best about her.

  4. Buy her some lottery tickets.

  5. A windowsill gardenópots, soil, and seeds to plant for a year round treat.

  6. Indulge Mom with a day of pamperingóa massage, manicure, the works!.

  7. Wash her car, organize her files, or clean out her closets.

  8. Make a donation to your motherís favorite charity in her honor.

  9. Season tickets to her favorite event.

  10. Give her an evening at home alone.

The Hidden Dangers of Over-the-Counter Drugs
We often include longer articles that are perfect for those large spaces that you have to fill. Articles dealing with health and safety are always good to include and are interesting to everyone.

Just because non-prescription drugs are available to anyone doesnít mean that they are harmless. Often over-the-counter medications are simply lower doses of regular prescription medication, with the same side effects and cautions that are associated with the higher doses. Without some care, non-prescription medications can cause harm instead of helping. To ensure that you and your family are safe, keep these guidelines in mind next time you make a trip to the drugstore.

As a general rule, do not consume alcohol when using any medication. Some medications can induce drowsiness, which is made worse with alcohol. And some drugs, like Tylenol, can cause liver damage if used long-term by regular drinkers.

Do not mix medications without asking the advice of your physician or pharmacist. There are risks when taking some types of over-the-counter medication with other drugs. Because many people donít really consider over-the-counter products as true drugs, they donít consider the risks they might pose in certain circumstances. Donít forget that antacids, laxatives, and diet aids are also considered drugs and should be taken with the same precautions.

If you have any underlying medical condition, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, glaucoma, diabetes, or any other condition you are receiving treatment for, talk to your physician before taking any type of medication. Diabetics may develop problems simply because many medications are coated in sugar or contain high levels of sugar, like cough syrup. Pregnant or nursing women should check with their doctor first before taking any type of medication.

Read the labels carefully. Take only the recommended dose. Many people get into trouble when they take too much of a drug they think is harmless. The drug itself may be completely safe when taken as directed, but can become toxic when even a small overdose is taken. Do not take any medication for longer than is recommended.

Often prescription and non-prescription drugs may contain the same ingredients, and when taken together, constitute an overdose of that drug. For example, a person taking an allergy medication may receive too high a dose of antihistamines if they also take some common cough and cold products. Aspirin taken with prescription blood thinners can lead to difficulties in the bleeding process.

Pay special attention to herbal remedies. Although many are very safe, some can be life threatening when taken with other drugs or used incorrectly. Check with your doctor or pharmacist first to be sure.

Small anecdotes or humorous stories will always be welcomed by your readers.

At the height of the space race during the 1960ís, NASA took on the arduous job of finding a way to write in space. Normal pens wouldnít work due to the zero gravity the astronauts would face in the space capsules. So scientists embarked on a way to solve the problem. They came up with the Astronaut Pen, after months of research and development, and at a cost of about $1 million.

The Soviet Union also faced the task of writing in space. To solve this weighty problem, they used a pencil.

Saving Money on Travel
Money saving articles are smart to include in your newsletter. Not only do they make your newsletter more interesting, they will help your readers keep more of their hard-earned dollars for themselves! 

Summer vacations are just around the corner. These tips will help you save some money as you hit the road.

  1. Travel in the off-season or on off-peak days (not weekends).

  2. If flying, watch for deals on tickets and be ready to buy them right away.

  3. Always ask for the lowest rate available for airfare, hotels, or car rentals.

  4. Be wary of hidden charges. Room taxes, in-room movies, and long distance charges can add up.

  5. If driving, tune up your car before you go, to help avoid expensive repair bills.

  6. Stay in out of the way places.

  7. Pack your own picnic and keep a cooler in the car with beverages and snacks.

  8. Look for free attractions.

  9. Check the Visitorsí Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce for information on inexpensive attractions and to get discount coupons.

Using Your Articles

How to Use Your Articles
Articles come in a variety of sizes and are easy to use. Just cut your favorite articles from the emails you receive, and paste them into your page layout or word processing program. We are always ready to assist you in using your articles! 

How to Revise & Edit Your Articles
These simple guidelines will help you as you customize your articles for your own newsletter.

More Tips for Using Your Filler Articles
Read some tips and ideas for using your articles, as well as suggestions from subscribers.

Case Studies
In order to illustrate many of the creative ways filler articles can make your newsletter special, we've put together a selection of case studies for your review.






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