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May Musings

Even though school is still in session and summer is not quite here, in May everyone’s thoughts begin to turn toward the freedom and fun of summer. Top on most people’s list is travel and vacation.

Now is a great time to share some safe travel tips with your readers. Information that will help keep their home safe when they are gone is especially helpful. Remind your readers that they should always plan ahead when leaving for any length of time. Deliveries should be stopped, mail held, and the friends, family, or neighbors should be notified in case of an emergency.

When traveling, it is important to keep some basic safety tips in mind as well. Your readers will appreciate learning about the best ways to keep themselves and their family safe and sound this summer.

Consider also expanding on the summer travel theme by offering an article filled with suggestions on finding the best travel deals. A brief listing of travel agencies in your area, along with major airlines’ local phone numbers, can be a help to readers who are new to your community. Your local tourist bureau can be a great resource for those readers who find themselves spending their vacation time closer to home.

And don’t forget to wish your readers a great start to their summer. Happy May!


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