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Grammar Tips

Getting It Write
"You're" Going to Love This Tip!

In our continuing series focusing on effective writing, we examine common grammar mistakes. Good writing, free of error, allows the reader to concentrate on your message. Always proofread your newsletter well, or have someone read it over for you. While preparing for your next newsletter, consider this common grammatical error.

Proper use of “your” and “you’re” can be tricky. Because they sound the same, it can be hard to remember which form is correct.

Remember This Rule

You’re” is always a contraction for “you are.”

Example: “You’re late again!”

Your” is the possessive form.

Example: “Your mother called while you were away.”

If you are unsure, try substituting every use of the form “you’re” with the words “you are.” If the sentence still makes sense, then you’ve used the correct form. Likewise, check every instance of “your” to make sure you really didn’t mean “you are” instead.


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