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Grammar Tips

Getting It Write
"A Lot" 

In our continuing series focusing on effective writing, we examine common grammar mistakes. "A lot" is a common term in speech; but it is increasingly found in writing, including formal writing. You will often find terms such as "a great deal" rather than "a lot."  

If you choose to use the term "a lot" you should note that it is properly written as two words, not one, i.e. "alot." Dictionaries do not list it as one word, although eventually it may become an accepted form, due to its increased useage. 

Remember This Rule

A lot is an adverb and should always be written as two words. Substituting the word "lots" is an alternative. You should note that the use of these terms grants your writing a less formal, more conversational tone, and should be avoided in strictly formal writing. 




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