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Grammar Tips

Getting It Write
"Accept" & "Except"

In our continuing series focusing on effective writing, we examine common grammar mistakes. Words that sound alike, but are spelled differently, can be confusing. This error is more significant than a simple spelling mistake. Your reader may also misunderstand your meaning. While preparing for your next newsletter, consider this common grammatical error.

Proper use of “accept” and “except” can be tricky. Because they sound the same, it can be hard to remember which form is correct.

Remember These Rules

Accept” has more than one meaning. One definition is “to receive, take, or hold.”

Accept” also means to give approval.


"He will accept the award tonight."

"The group accepted her."

Except” means “unless,” “only,” or “to leave out.” In fact, in a way, it is the opposite of the word “accept.” Incorrectly using these words can lead to confusion!


“They all went to the game except Bob.”

Except when it is raining, the weather is pleasant here.”

Good writing, free of error, allows the reader to concentrate on your message. It is always a good idea to reread your newsletter one more time before you print it. Even better—get someone else to read it.


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