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Talking to the Kids

Looking for ways to make your newsletter more kid-friendly? Whether you have children as readers, or simply have parents in your target audience, there are ways to help make your newsletter something they will look forward to. One of the simplest thing to do is to include filler articles aimed at kids. From jokes and riddles, to craft projects or back to school tips, this is an easy way to boost the value of your newsletter to families with children. You can also include a simple puzzle or game for the kids. This ensures that your newsletter will be kept longer, as parents will want to save your publication for later when their kids can enjoy it. 

Consider using your newsletter as a way to include children and their families in activities and contests. It is easy to insert a separate sheet into a multi-page newsletter. This is a great place to put a coloring contest or puzzle sheet. Have the kids return it to be eligible to win prizes. Try to know your audience well and you can begin to use your newsletter in creative ways. For example, if you are an apartment manager, you can use a separate insert to have a community scavenger hunt. Print up a fun list of things to gather. The first one to find everything on the list, and return to the leasing office, wins a prize. You will be able to connect with your readers in a new and exciting way!

Parents and kids alike appreciate information about events and happenings around them. You can use your newsletter to fill this need as well. Include a list of current events, and be sure to include family-friendly happenings. Try to find low cost or free events in your community. If you include advertisements in your newsletter, be sure to let potential advertisers that you count families among your readers. You will often find it easier to solicit advertising when you can help your advertisers see the benefits of offering discounts or special offers for children and families.

Spend a little time thinking about how your newsletter can attract the attention of kids and their families. Not only will you have more interested readers, you will gain benefits as well. If you are looking to increase your subscriber base, extending your newsletter to include kid features will help attract more families. You also will have readers that are more likely to read through your entire newsletter. This is always a good thing for any newsletter publisher. Your goal is simply that--to have as many people hear your message as possible. By making your newsletter interesting and relevant for all of your readers, big and small, you will be closer to reaching that goal!


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