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Creative Ways to Use Your Newsletter

Growing Your Newsletter

A reader notices that colored paper right away. But does your newsletter always get the attention it deserves? A newsletter is a great way to build a sense of community. Readers not only receive information and updates on news and happenings, but also become more a part of the “neighborhood,” finding a sense of community with all the readers of your newsletter

Newsletter producers everywhere strive to provide their readers with a great newsletter. What is a great newsletter? Here are some points to consider as you develop a newsletter that meets the needs of your readers and is entertaining as well.

Grab their attention.
Just as you would in public speaking, it is important to not be shy, project your points, and never mumble!

Provide some sugar along with the medicine!
If you are placing a number of announcements regarding community rules (every “do,” “don’t,” and “never”), the remaining space in your newsletter should be full of fun articles, cartoons, community events, and general interest articles.

Know your audience.
If your readers are made up of families with children, be sure to include a “Kid’s Corner” or a “Family Fun” section. If your readers are mostly professional singles, features such as “Healthy Cooking for One” or “Ways to Meet New People” might be more appropriate. And certainly a mix of these types of articles can be requested from us if you find that your readers are from varied background.

Keep in tune with those around you, and request feedback from your readers about features and articles they find interesting and useful. By responding to your readers, your newsletter can grow and blossom into something they not only depend on, but enjoy as well.


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