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The Non-Designer's Design Book
by Robin Williams

ďIf you follow the basic principles in this book, I guarantee that your work will look more professional, organized, unified, and interesting. And you will feel empowered!Ē  ~ Robin Williams

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Producing a newsletter can be a journey into unfamiliar territory for most people. It can seem like a daunting task to get out a professional, good looking publication. But all it takes really is just a little help. For anyone who wants to learn the basic principles of design, this book has it all! It will open up your eyes to basic good design and will show you how easy it can be to design documents, ads, publications, and newsletters that look great.

Most of us have looked at a printed page and known right away whether the design works or not. Recreating something that works is another story. In this book, Robin Williams discusses the benefits of proximity, repetition, and contrast, as well as proper  approaches to alignment. These can sometimes seem like little details, but they can make all the difference when designing a great looking publication. And although these concepts sound complicated, Ms. Williams breaks them down into easy to understand ideas and explanations.

Many design books are complicated and donít address the needs of a novice publication designer. This book is easy to read, includes lots of examples, and even has small quizzes to test your progress. And as a bonus, Ms. Williams even discusses type and how to use it effectively. Youíll be hard pressed to find discussions as easy to follow in any other design book.

This will be the book you return to time and time again. In fact, it could be the only book youíll ever need. But donít be surprised if it whets your appetite for more information about design and how to produce great looking publications!

Donít just take our word for it! Check out all the reviews written by satisfied readers of this book. Visit our online Bookstore to read more about this great book and to get your own copy today!


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