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Advertising in Your Newsletter

Making Your Newsletter Pay for Itself
Part 2 of a Series

In our last newsletter, we began discussing advertising in your newsletter by detailing the benefits of including advertising in your newsletter, and how to solicit ads. We continue this series by taking a look at ways to use the ads you’ve obtained and how best to place advertising in your newsletter.

It is helpful to set up a policy for the types of ad layouts that you will accept before you begin soliciting advertisements for your newsletter. The reason for this is simple. When a vendor approaches you or you solicit an ad, you will likely be asked several questions. “How big can the ad be?”,  “Can I include color?”,  “Can you design the ad for me?” Knowing the answers to questions such as these will help make your newsletter production process much easier.

Decide on several sizes for ads that would be suitable in your newsletter. If you are charging to include ads, of course, larger sizes will command a higher price. If you are including ads for free, you may decide to allow only one standard size, in order to have enough room for other ads and the regular information and articles you normally include in each issue. Sizes generally include a business card size (3.5 by 2 inches), an eighth of a page (4 by 2.5 inches), a quarter of a page (4 by 5 inches), a half page (8 by 5 inches), and a full page (7.5 by 10 inches).

If you find that you have several ads and they are crowding the space that you need for the main information in your newsletter, consider placing all ads on a supplemental sheet to be inserted in your newsletter. This will keep your newsletter free from clutter and will provide your readers with an easy way to save ads for the future. However, this option does include added cost for you, in the time needed to layout the supplemental page, and the actual cost of printing. Be sure to calculate these costs into the price you charge your advertisers.

You will also need to make decisions on the type of format you will accept. If it is possible, the easiest types of ads to accept are those in digital format. Ask your advertisers if they are able to design their own ads, and if so, if they can provide them to you on a floppy disk or a CD. All they need to do is save the file as a picture, and you will be able to insert it easily into the word processing or desktop publishing program you are using to produce your newsletter.

If your advertisers cannot provide you their ads in digital format, at least require that ads be in “camera-ready” format. This means that the ad is in its final format and is of a suitable quality for reproduction. These types of ads will already be the proper size. Generally, a laser printer will produce output that is considered “camera-ready.” You then can use the ad in one of two ways. You can scan in the ad and, since it is in “camera-ready” format, you will not need to do any additional formatting work. Or you can simply attach a hard copy of the ad to your completed newsletter before taking it to be printed or photocopied.

What if a potential advertiser says, “I would love to advertise with you, but I don’t know how to design an ad myself”? In a coming month, in our continuing series on advertisements in your newsletter, we will look at ways to design an ad, from start to finish, and how to use this skill to increase your newsletter’s potential.

If you want to learn more about using advertising in your newsletter, check out the rest of this series, as well as other informative articles. 

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