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Advertising in Your Newsletter
Legal Issues

Your Ad Acceptance Policy

It is important to establish an advertising policy before you begin to accept advertising in your newsletter. This will head off problems and give you a solid footing if any questions should arise.

It is quite common for newspapers, magazines, and other publications to set an advertising acceptance policy. This gives them protection in the event they must decline an ad, and respects the sensitivities of their readers, protecting them from fraudulent, misrepresented, or deceitful claims. You know and understand your residents best. As you develop your advertising policy, keep their needs and preferences in mind. Following is an example of an advertising acceptance policy:

Advertising will not be accepted which in any way is considered to be lacking in judicious good taste or moral propriety, or which demeans any particular race, language, religion, or political view. Advertising of a controversial political nature will not be accepted. Advertising found to contravene truth, exaggerate the description of a product or service, or containing fraudulent statements will not be accepted. Advertising is accepted with the conditional understanding that the sponsoring company and principal beneficiary of the advertisement is ultimately responsible and liable for its content. We reserve the right to reject or revise all copy submitted, or to cancel advertising at any time .

Of course, always have any policy statement reviewed by an attorney and be consistent in enforcement. If you want to learn more about using advertising in your newsletter, check out our series on advertising, as well as other informative articles. 

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